Shared Living

Shared joys are doubled, shared sorrows are halved

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In the Shared Living model, an individual lives in a natural setting of a home provider family. Here, they can continue to be part of family life, while taking the next step towards independence in their own life!

Juneko with her Provider, Jane, at York Beach

Arthur dancing with his Provider, Cathy

John and his Provider, Aaron, at the ocean

The success of the LifeLinks Shared model is the process of identifying the best match that meets the needs, values and vision of the individuals, the guardian and that of the provider family. 

Typical everyday considerations would be:

  • Do you like pets?
  • Do you spend time with children?
  • Do you like to go fishing or to the ocean?

The above are the simple, but critical things that will support individuality and happiness.

You Can Be a Shared Living Provider

Again, the heart of the Shared Living Program is the process of identifying and supporting mutually agreeable matches that meet the expressed needs, values and vision of the individual with developmental disabilities, the family and/or guardian, and those of the Provider family.

Potential providers complete the following:

  • Interview by two Human Services professionals 
  • Successfully pass a criminal background check (CORI)
  • Submit to fingerprinting 
  • Provide references

They must have significant experience in the human service field or relative life experience. In addition, they must demonstrate a deep commitment to persons with developmental disabilities. Furthermore, the provider must maintain certifications in CPR and First Aid, and participate in home safety inspections. 

The Shared Living Program is overseen by a professional team that conducts monthly home visits, provides support and medical/clinical consultations and ensures that all the individual's needs are being met.

The LifeLinks Shared Living Program is funded through the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services (DDS). Families and individuals over the age of 22 who are interested in the LifeLinks Shared Living Program must be referred by DDS. 


Arthur planting flowers on his parents grave

Linda and her Provider, Joanne

Fernando & Provider share a love of auto mechanics

Michel Celino & Sharifab Nami Gadde
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