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The first  Memory Café Fall Session will be held on Tuesday, September 25, 2018! See below for further details and event registration.

Are you a resident of Greater Lowell caring for someone with memory impairment from Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia?  LifeLinks can help.  LifeLinks was recently awarded an innovation mini-grant funded by the Massachusetts Lifespan Respite Coalition and the Federal Administration on Community Living to launch a Memory Café at our main office at 4 Omni Way in Chelmsford MA.  Through the generosity of the Doris L Benz Trust, we will be able to continue this vital program through the Fall. 

Over 5 million Americans (120,000+ from Massachusetts) are currently living with Alzheimer's Disease.  The number of families supporting a loved one with dementia will continue to grow exponentially over the coming years.  LifeLinks has personally witnessed the increasing prevalence of Alzheimer's/dementia as families receiving support and members of the workforce are facing the challenges of the disease head on.  LifeLinks has been a trusted and valued resource in the community for families caring for loved ones with intellectual and developmental disabilities and we are energized to develop and provide inclusive, innovative Memory Café programming to benefit families affected by memory impairment.

What is a Memory Cafe?

The LifeLinks Memory Café is a free, informal social setting that will bring together people living with Alzheimer's/dementia, their family caregivers and professionals for food and fun.  A Memory Café is a safe space where you can openly talk with like-situated people without the stigma of the dementia label, with a goal of creating new, positive memories. 

Memory Cafe Fall Session thru Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Susanne Liebich

Join us on Tuesday, September 25 for our first Fall session of the LifeLinks Memory Café on Dancing Wellness™.

Dancing Wellness™, "Healing Motion for Life", will be facilitated by Susan Liebich. This mindful movement that Susanne created integrates various disciplines to enhance self-confidence, health, energy, wellness and a sense of community regardless of age and mobility level.

Susanne Liebich is an an educator, a professional dancer, choreographer, a wellness program facilitator, a mother, and a collaborator. In her teens, Susanne studied classical dance at the Boston Ballet School, and later studied modern and jazz dance while working towards an MBA at Boston University. At that time, she performed in local dance companies, and began her exploration of choreography.

Susanne is a Certified Stott® Pilates Instructor, Certified Nia® Black Belt Instructor, Total Barre™ Instructor, a licensed Dance for Parkinson’s Disease® instructor, and licensed in the Moving to Heal© technique. She continues to explore interests in various forms of dance, music, and movement including African Dance and Drumming, Latin Dance and ballroom dance. Most recently, her classes include instruction geared toward dance and injury prevention for older adults and other special population groups with limited mobility. She also empowers Movement to Music for Memory: Music, both familiar and new, has beneficial effects on the human brain. New music creates new neuropathways in the brain, and familiar music accesses long term memory. The combination plus creative movement forms an enjoyable, expressive and uplifting gentle exercise class.  

All Memory Café sessions are held from 5 pm to 7 pm at LifeLinks' corporate headquarters located at 4 Omni Way in Chelmsford.  A delicious dinner will be served.  This fully inclusive program is fully accessible and open to all members of the community. We hope to also attract members of the LGBTQ community who can feel especially isolated when supporting loved ones with Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia.  A. Michael Bloom, "Caregiving Without Regret" expert and LifeLinks' Chief Operating Officer, will coordinate this new, community respite program.


Contact Information

For more information or to make a reservation to attend the LifeLinks Memory Café please contact Michael Bloom at or call 978-349-3019.  You may also register online by clicking on the link below. Space is limited and all attendees with dementia must be accompanied by a caregiver.

*The Memory Café Spring Season has been generously funded by the Doris L. Benz Trust.

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